About AlYolla Heroes
Al-Yolla Heroes is an Arcade game based on the popular traditional Emirati dance

Collect coins by moving the joystick and Throw your gun by filling the throw bar!
Inorder to score maximum points, throw the gun in the green area of the bar and make sure you catch because if the gun drops to the ground, you loose the bonus points!
With a variety of Al-Yolla dance moves, the player also has to make sure that he collects as many coins as possible. The quicker he collects them, the better the combo, which ultimately leads to high score in the leaderboards!
In Al-Yolla Heroes, players can spend their coins on variety of items and power-ups. New guns can be unlocked along with beautiful new levels all inspired by real life locations from U.A.E. Players can also upgrade a variety of power-ups to boost their score in the game!